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? are they kind of like cows? some of you shudder at the idea. it is illegal in some places like california and illinois. and some stais not right to eat a zebra or water buffalo or a horse. how many of you are repulsed or bothered by the idea that wouldn't do our taste test here. it is just wrong. that is bunk says the chef at beaver creek ranch in texas. guests pay to hunt zebra water buffalo and they eat what they kill. they eat it after it has been cooked. they are not squeamish. >> 14 different varieties of animals pick out which animal you want to hunt for we take you out we harvest the animal bring it back and i cook it. >> of course. of course. >> it is better for you because it is leaner. >> i have been a chef for years. beef from the grocery store verses cooking a zebra for example if you cook it on a grill there's so much more fat that comes out of a steak at a grocery store than it is if you cook a zebra steak. you have to do more to it. you have to tender rise it. >> leaner means maybe tougher. >> if you add some fat to it good fats like blackberry jam to it and coat it with th
and it's illegal in some places like california and illinois, and conventional wisdom is it's not right to eat a zebra or water buffalo. so how are you repulsed and want do our taste test here? a few of you. is this wrong? well, that's bunk, as the chef at beaver creek ranch in texas. beaver creek is a resort where guests pay to hunt zebra, water buffalo, and this cute animal and then they ea kill and eat it after its been cooked by a chef. so, at the ranch, people come for this. they're not schemish. >> right. 14 different varieties of animals. pick out which animal you want to hunt for and take you out, we harvest the animal, bring it back, and i took it. >> and people say it tastes good? >> of course. >> and it's actually better for you because it's leaner? >> it is. and -- i've been a chef for years and beef from the grocery store versus cooking a zebra, for example, if you cook it on the grill so much more fat that comes out from a stake bought out a groceryster than if you cook a zebra steak. you have to baby it. you have to tepiderrize. >> leaner means maybe tougher. >> correct.
of california. >> both welcome. i'm delighted to have you on the program. congresswoman sanchez, do you think this will make a difference in terms of the allegiance of voters for the republican party? >> listen. latino families and all american families should understand we need comprehensive immigration reform. that means that we need to make it easier for people who want to come here to work, if there are jobs to be done that -- it means we have to take care of the people who are already here, who have been part of our community, and the mixed families that we have, and it also means you just don't give a person a visa to be here but if they're actually been here since they were two years old, that maybe you should just say, we need a program tone sure that they actually can stay here for the long term. >> congressman, is this an example of the republicans in the senate holding their nose and doing a gesture to the latino community and only using kind of two retiring senior senators as the scapegoats? >> i don't think so. this is the beginning of a conversation. marco rubio has been working
. two breaking stories to tell you about at this hour. newport beach, california police have taken a suspect into custody after shots were fired outside a shopping mall. the man shot into the air and tried to escape by car but immediately taken down by bike police. the shooting forcing stores to lockdown. no one was seriously injured. and fox news confirming reports that house speaker john boehner has offered to allow tax rates continue to crease for wealthy americans that's those earning 1 million or more. this in exchange boehner is asking the white house for spending cuts, fax reform and entitlement reform. sources say the white house has not accepted the speaker's offer, but sees it as progress. both sides are trying to avoid automatic tax hikes on january 1st. i'm marianne rafferty, now back to geraldo at large coming to you live from new town, connecticut. >> different quiet, nice kid, good kid. challenges in that house. every family has one, i have one, they have one. never in trouble with the law. never in trouble with anything. i know she had issues with school she wound u
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)